Ways to Save

Prevent evaporation

Don’t water your yard in the midday heat and choose drip irrigation over sprinklers.

Cut back on your lawn’s drinking water habit

Watch the weather and only water if you need to supplement rainfall. [Hint: Most of the year, you probably don’t need to.]

Reduce the size of your lawn

Choose drought resistant groundcovers, hardscapes and other lawn alternatives.

Landscape using plants and grasses that are native to our region of Texas

There are many beautiful native plants that not only provide food and habitat for wildlife, but also need much less water and care.

When mowing your lawn, set the mower blades to the highest setting

Longer grass shades the soil and allows roots to grow deeper. This helps grass survive drought, tolerate insect damage, and fend off disease.

Leaks are one of the biggest indoor water wasters

Check sinks, toilets and pipes for leaks-even silent ones. You could be wasting a lot of water (and money!)

Turn off your faucets with gusto and repair any faucet that won’t turn off completely

A dripping faucet can waste a lot of water, even over a short period of time.

Try taking a navy shower

Get wet, turn off the faucet, lather up, and then rinse. Limit showers to five minutes or less.

Only wash full dishwasher and laundry loads

Fewer loads means less work and money saved!

Upgrade to water-efficient appliances, toilets, and shower heads

Then keep them all shipshape.

Taking these small steps together can make a big difference to your water bill and Galveston Bay! Remember: Save Water. Save the Bay.