Why Join?

Did you know that Texas’ bays are among the most productive in the world? They are teeming with fish and other wildlife that sustain commercial fisheries, thrill sports fishermen and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. When you join the Galveston Bay Water Brigade you are helping to preserve a natural heritage that we should all be proud of! Saving water is something we can all do. Saving Galveston Bay is something our kids will thank us for!

Freshwater is rarer than you think. Less than 1% of all available water is freshwater! Every living thing needs water to survive, but we are crowding the wildlife out. Galveston Bay shares its freshwater sources with nearly one-half of Texas’ population (about 12 million people.) If we use too much of the water oysters and other critters like crabs and fish will start to disappear. Take the GBWB Pledge today!