How You Can Help

Most of the water that we use comes from the rivers and bayous that flow into Galveston Bay. With our region’s booming population, we are using more and more of the fresh water that the Bay’s wildlife depends on. The fish, oysters and other critters that call the bay home need a mix of both fresh and salt water to survive. Simple steps, like cutting back on unnecessary lawn watering will mean that more fresh water will reach the bay. Take the pledge to save water today!

Outdoor watering accounts for almost one third of annual residential water use in Texas, and can represent a much higher percentage during the summer. Your lawn and landscape probably need a lot less water than you think. On average, the Houston area receives about 50 inches of rain per year—more than enough to sustain most landscapes. Cut back on your lawn’s drinking habit and share some fresh water with the fish and oysters – they can’t live on salt water alone. Let’s work together to conserve water – take the GBWB pledge and join our ranks.