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Our Bay Can’t Live on Salt Water Alone.

Save Water. Save the Bay.

The power to save the Galveston Bay is in your hands! By taking the Galveston Bay Water Brigade Pledge you’ll learn how to save money by taking simple steps that reduce your household’s water use.  Save water. Save money. And, when you cut back on your water use there are direct positive benefits for Galveston Bay. Wildlife needs water too! Share what you can by being wise about the water you use.  Remember… Save Water. Save the Bay!

How You Can Help

Most of the water that we use comes from the rivers and bayous that flow into Galveston Bay. With our region’s booming population, we are using more and more of the fresh water that the Bay’s wildlife depends on. The fish, oysters and other critters that call the bay home need a mix of both fresh and salt water to survive. Simple steps, like cutting back on unnecessary lawn watering will mean that more fresh water will reach the bay. Take the pledge to save water today! (more…)

Why Join?

Did you know that Texas’ bays are among the most productive in the world? They are teeming with fish and other wildlife that sustain commercial fisheries, thrill sports fishermen and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. When you join the Galveston Bay Water Brigade you are helping to preserve a natural heritage that we should all be proud of! Saving water is something we can all do. Saving Galveston Bay is something our kids will thank us for! (more…)

Join Our Ranks

It’s easy to join the ranks of Galveston Bay Water Brigades: Select your goals--Enter your information--Submit the water conservation pledge.

Home owners & residents

If you live in a single-family home, pledge here to conserve water for Galveston Bay.

Take the Pledge

Apartment residents

If you live in an apartment, condo or other multi-family residence, pledge here to conserve water for Galveston Bay.

Take the Pledge

Businesses & organizations

If you own a business or lead an organization in the Houston area, pledge here to conserve water for Galveston Bay.

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The following pages have great water saving resources that will help you save money and defend our wildlife friends!
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